Ayurveda defines health as “a state of equilibrium of
the Tridoshas (3 constitutional elements of the body),
Agni (metabolic and digestive processes), Dhatu (body
tissues) and Malas (Waste products) with sense
organs, mind and the soul being in a state of bliss”.

Wave Ayurveda offers a holistic approach based on the established knowledge of Ayurveda and have developed a transparent and flawless cosmetic therapy protocol with internal and external administration of classical ayurvedic formulations, herbal extracts, fruit extracts, food supplements and personal care.

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Every woman’s journey is different, as is her healing. Wave Ayurveda provides therapeutic yoga therapy, treating one as the individual, the whole person, rather than the condition. It provides physical, mental and emotional benefits to the individual. It can be continued life long as a self care practice. The complete wellness of a woman is our motto.

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Wave Ayurveda offers a definite path and protocol for determining correct diet based upon an individuals prakriti (body constitution), vikriti (diseased state), agni (digestive fire), mental and emotional state.We discuss guidelines on proper method of cooking and eating practices. Nutritional disorders and toxic effects of bad combinations are addressed at WaveAyurveda Cure and Care for Women. After complete assessment of the individual personalized diet chart is provided.

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Wave Ayurveda taking into account the trigunas of mind – Satwa, Rajas and Tamas heals the psychological issues faced by an individual through counselling therapy. The aim is cultivation of satva leading to mental clarity and emotional balance through a connected heart, mind and self. Counselling and Ayurveda techniques promotes sattvic qualities such as health, ojas, immunity, joy, patience, understanding, refined perception, and serenity.

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Wave Ayurveda is focused on delivering the best customized care to meet the health care needs of women by incorporating integrated health practices through Ayurveda, Yoga and Dietetics. It is an initiative by MVR Ayurveda Medical College Hospital, Kannur which has over 57 years of excellence in the field of healthcare.

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