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Health is the harmonious balance of the mind, body & consciousness. The normal balance may be disturbed due to various factors, like improper diet, external, mental and physical disturbances. Even gradual accumulation of toxins or Ama, will distract from the normal functioning of tissues.

People are categorised in to different categories based on their psychosomatic constitution. Ayurveda advocates constitution specific daily and seasonal routines to maintain positive health. Body may become afflicted with disease if these routines are not adhered to.

Our comprehensive wellness program has a multiple approach for the rejuvenation of the body, cleansing and enhancing longevity.

  • Complete detoxification that involves gut detox and help improve the total metabolism of body.
  • Rejuvenative therapies that counteracts debility, enhances vitality, restores youthfulness, modulates the endurance levels and refines sensory perceptions, 
  • Relieving stress and anxiety through expert counselling services
  • Customised diet charts based on Ayurvedic principles and contemporary nutrition, which aims to guide the ladies on following a sustainable diet chart conducive to their lifestyle and dietary requirements 
  • Yoga sessions to achieve the balance between mind and body and equip the body to handle the wear and tear of daily life.
  • Administration of various herbo-mineral medications for consumptions