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Yoga Therapy

Every woman’s journey is different, as is her healing. Wave
Ayurveda provides therapeutic yoga therapy, treating one as the
individual, the whole person, rather than the condition. It provides
physical, mental and emotional benefits to the individual. It can be
continued life long as a self care practice. The complete wellness
of a woman is our motto.
Women should focus on self-care, mental, emotional and physical
health. Wave Ayurveda prioritizes early detection and prevention
of women’s health issues and is devoted to making them aware of
the need for a holistic approach for healthy living. We have thus
designed Yoga Consultation and Therapy under four categories.

Those are:
Wellness yoga– daily yoga and meditation session
Yoga for Weight loss
Therapeutic yoga– one to one consultation for specific diseases.
Pregnancy yoga– specific for each trimester.

Taking into account the potential psychological and physiological
mechanisms of action of yoga when used as a preventive and
therapeutic modality, Wave Ayurveda offers an integrated health
practices through Ayurveda, Yoga and Dietetics.